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If you think that the dingbats, or to be more precise the fonts composed by symbols are not so serious and almost useless, you have to start changing your mind. Elegant, nifty, humorous…there are for all tastes and needs. They are easy to use, modify, resize and able to aesthetically enrich every single graphic project.

Thus, a selection has to be made in order not to fall into amateurial work, given that not all the dingbats are of a high quality: some are imprecise, others if resized could become jagged and so on.

For not to mention the dingbats already used&abused to the extreme.

I have tried to gather into this mini collection some of the dingbats I believe you might find useful: some that I have personally used in certain works (like the wonderful Nymphette), and others that I have become aware of through reflex thanks to certain sites that make a skillful use out of them.

If you are a lover of these fonts or if this article has struck a little bit of curiousity inside of you, I recommend to visit the Font Garden website, which collects hundreds of extremely beautiful dingbats that are still largely unknown.

But let’s get started with our collection!

1. Nymphette



The first place not by chance, Nymphette is the queen of dingbat. Elegant and refined, is able to give a touch of style to any work and, if used well, can be the detail that makes a difference in a graphic project.

2. Kfon


A very charming dingbat whose florals are often used as separators.

3. Zoologic



There is a galore of dingbats using animal silhouettes: this is one of the best, because in a single collection,it is possible to find dozens of animals: from the dolphin to the ferret; there’s a little bit of everything.

4. Separate


The name already says it all: another dingbat that collects various floral separators and not only, classical and modern. Totally useful!

5. FingerprintInside


A dingbat with a very aesthetic arrangement, captivating and original. Perfect for graphic works that are a bit unconventional, leaflets, grunge style websites.

6. Travelcon


International symbols and not only: a resource to be kept in mind, it can be always useful.

7. Talkies


Alright, I admit I am a little biased.  But eventhough I have a visceral passion for the balloons and the comics, it doesn’t neccessarily mean this is not an objectively beautiful, cute, and youthful dingbat.

8. Swinging

The doodles are always fascinating, and this dingbat is the living proof.

9. Wc rhesus


Stains, squirts &  akins. A cocktail tested in different styles, from street to grunge.

10. Freakyface


Curious and original, this font is used pretty often, more or less indirectly, in webdesign illustrations. Just to prove it: Who hasn’t seen at least once the whirled bees of Denise?


On websites and in all css galleries; nonetheless, almost nobody knows that these so original designs are in reality fruit of a font.

11. Efon


Many creative styles in a font more punk. But don’t be prejudiced: it can turn out to be really useful, one way or another.

12. Webmasters


More on a whim than anything else: webmasters and other computer maniacs, with lots of cupid-monitor, to represent the web people. A font accurate to the details and extremely cute.


The dingbats can turn out to be a huge resource for designers, provided that it is known how to choose high quality fonts and not to abuse. Under every circumstance they are to be preferred to eventual cheap cliparts, used and reused, just because vectors are suitable both for web graphics and typography alike.

And you, do you often use one or more dingbats? If so, which one?


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