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In the face of somebody who finds it hard to believe that design masterpieces are to be found only on css gallery webpages: enough to get lost in the meanders of deviant art to bust this myth. Fonts, wallpapers, abstract works and layouts are melted in an explosion of style and creativity that deserve to be discovered, recognized, evaluated.

What follows is a selection of the most captivating templates discovered almost by chance and which you can use as a source of inspiration for your works. In each of these layouts there is a touch of style to analyze and take as a starting point: original use of colors, quality of illustrations, the typography.

1. Web agency project


Vibrant colors and backgrounds in picture style, for a layout that hardly can pass unobserved. The only inconvenience?  The graphic setting tends to distract from the content.

2. Some Web


Even the coffee cup is an element abundantly abused on the web trend of this year, the other graphic elements are really original: the zipper in the background, the contacts module slightly raised above the finger, the background tone…all the details that underline the fantasy and the creativity of the designer. The only novelty? The menu with the web tone 2.0 and the incised text do not match well with the style paper/doodles of the entire layout.

3. Panoetic Web layout


Amazing the vintage style, with an optimal use of the texture in the background and  some pleasant effects like the “tear” under the navigation menu and the calligraphic scripts spread here and there. Even the exhibition of the pictures, held fixed by the wooden clothes-peg is original and smart.

4. Prison Struggle


The “dirty trick” effect gives a grunge touch to the entire layout, the two suspicious figures (designed very well in reality) give a 3D effect totally different and the color-matching are practically perfect. Impossible to find a defect.

5. Depthskins


Maybe to somebody it will appear a little courageous, or however little Spartan. Someone else might insinuate that the graphics is little coherent with the activity and that can be mora adapt for a travel agency. It is obvious that this is a layout that amazes and attracts. It’s a pity only that the section dedicated to text content is a little bit dull and not at the height of the header.

6. Detskiy


Cheerful and colored, even a little bit disorderly. Beautiful “the cloud” effect and the illustrations in the background.

7. Indian Costumes


The atmosphere is too ”thousand and one nights”, with the stars in the background and the pink strips that seem to raise from the hand of the woman and extend in all the layout. The Indian leaning on the site and the very same touch of style of this template, that otherwise would lose all of its charm. Very beautiful the “rugged paper” of the website, while the pattern on the background is a little too cheap.

8. Webdesign no.28


The layout is not too graphical, but it has an elegant and linear simplicity. The feeble colors render the entire graphics delicate and feminine and the graphic hints in shock pink render it altogether more captivating. Beautiful the effect “outside the image” given by the leg of the model that comes out of the container. A tiny detail that enriches the layout without making it heavy.

9. Beauty salon


Very particular layout with a good use of colors. Very creative the logo, with the d formed with two butterfly wings and the navigation link put inside the rounded squares.

10. Hair salon webdesign

There is someone who has had enough of the polaroids thrown here and there with a fakely casual effect, but in this layout the images in this style are a real strength. Very beautiful the background, where the grey wood is more original than the classic texture of natural wood and even the transparency of the container is adapted with the eccentric style of all the template. The prevalent colors are in grey scale so that the green fluo used in the logo that highlights the brand’s activities.

11. Fashion Web design


Gorgeous the use of the texture in background and that of the typography. The colors render this sophisticated layout, despite the (ab)use of brush and doodles behind this model.

12. Goblin design


The name explains everything: Goblin design, or uneasiness of the fantasy style at the service of webdesign. The result is really intrigant, even if the navigation link on the background at strong dye and  little legible.

13. Web paredes


Modern layout and vivid colors. Beautiful the drawing of circles effect in the  navigation menu and the urban style in background. The position of the woman and the game of fading on the background render the template dynamic and light.

14. Fashion design


This layout is the example of how it is enough to imagine to render professional and captivating a website. The graphic is reduced in minimal terms, but this template has nothing to envy to the websites of the big brands.

15. Weblog


Original layout, creative, cheerful. Beautiful illustrations and good study of the details.

16. Sport Deluxe


Background with very creative graphical effects, beautiful typography and unbeatable color matching: blue, azure, orange.  A fresh and modern layout totally professional, enriched by the 3d effect logo that always makes a good impression.

17. Bonanza


One of the most beautiful layouts of Deviant Art: everything, from the nuances of the icons on the navigation menu, has a unique and captivating style. Beautiful the balloon effect in the inferior sections and the chosen colors, inflamed and vivid.

18. Bird House


Wonderful illustrations, even if the background is somewhat poor.

19. Feartox


Creative, original, feeble and fascinating colors. Maybe a little bit chaotic, but original anyway. Moreover, the vintage style is always a winner. The touch of style? The hints in black and white.

20. Template 03


Colored, cheerful, cartoonistic like only a website dedicated to children can allow itself to be. Very cute illustrations, vivid colors and clouds: perfect for the target it is meant to.


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