Unusual but beautiful: make your design more creative with this 25 fonts

Nowadays, everyone knows that a great font can be the key to creating a successful graphic project. So, after having looked at the 25 best-looking handwritten fonts , today we will take a look at some peculiar-looking fonts which you can use to create more original designs.

Asymmetries, upside down letters, sought-after calligraphies…sometimes minimal, orderly and passive fonts are not the best choice you can use to improve the look of your graphic project. An eccentric font can get the attention of almost anyone and it also has a high visual impact.

Some examples?

Handwritten Styles

A la Nage

Tia Marcia


These three fonts, which have a vague retrò look, are similar to one another. They all have very little space, if any, in-between the characters. The calligraphy looks very childish, but the graphic effect you can create is quite beautiful.

Swirl and curve

Hello Kitty Angel

Feminine, sweet, delicate. Another piece made by deviantart.


This font’s very particular but at the same time, it is also very alluring and sensual. See for yourself.


Girls are weird

Spikes and asymmetries for this fun-loving font. It’s perfect for a youthful, careless design.

Words of Love

Feminine and romantic: it’s a picturesque font you can use as a great design choice.

Giddy up

This font’s very famous on the web; it’s mostly used for graphic projects involving children. In fact, it evokes happiness and joy.

La Pointe’s road

Unique font that is also quite elegant.

Unchanged thoughts

Font that has a lot of positive qualities. The only defect is that it is hard to read. Use sparingly.



Even if this font is ‘dark’, the characteristics of some letters (such as S), make it perfect for eccentric designs.


It’s the famous Vimeo logo: Dark, gothic, mysterious, but always fascinating, especially in black-and-white.


This Evanescence font is quite popular, but it is still unused, which is a shame because in small doses it’s a beautiful font.

Romance Fatal Serif

This font’s really beautiful: even though the characters appear confusing and not in harmony, the visual impact is quite original.


Vampires, darkness, esoteric…what else? This font, inspired by the film Twilight, is quite nice. The S character is a beauty, turning the text into something of character.

Vintage & Retrò


Soft curves and rich text: an ideal font for headers.


This unmistakable font is perfect to use for retro design projects. Warm colors are best, while black-and-white don’t give it the best look.



This font’s perfect to use in every graphic project such as web design, print, logo. Characters are really creative, and everything stays clear and legible.

Cocktail Bubby

Sarcastic and funny: we’ve chosen to use this for the menu of the nursery website and we’ve made an excellent choice. It’s a lovely and lively font.


It’s not really a font (actually it’s a dingbat) but we couldn’t leave it out, seeing how creative it looks.


A little bit grungy, a little bit modern: within its genre it’s one of the best-looking and creative fonts.


Sensual and highly sought-after: it can be elegant even if it recalls the writings of a deranged mind. Quite catchy.

Vtks Sàbado

Font that is similar to al Jellyka, but slightly easier to use. You can find variants of this font (which all begin with the VTKS title) that are made from the same author and are all quite valid and original.


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