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In case you have noticed that during this week our presence (and as a consequence the articles) have been reduced to the minimum, now you know the motive:  as you have undoubtedly noticed, YIW has a new, colored appearance.

The restyling cost us a lot of time and resources, but it was something to be done sooner or later: the old layout was approximative and kinda “bare”, and we never decided to improve it just because a complete restructuring was already underway.

Results of such a restructuring are now visible.

The new logo


The new logo of YIW is colored, vivacious and youthful. The solar colors are the same used for the new graphic layout, and the font peculiarity makes it easily recognizable and impressive at the same time.

The header


The header, which appeared simple, and a little bare, has been substantially enriched graphically: textures, colors, flowers, scripts, for a cheerful and indefinite chaos that attracts at first sight.

In pole position to the sides of the logo we have added two icons that allow you to sign up for our feeds or become a fan of our community on facebook. The navigation, like in the old layout, is clear and intuitive.

The posts


As you can see, we have modified the display settings of our articles in such a way that the first image of each post has a bigger space: with the 150px of the old version we were starting to feel a little tight there, while it is well-known that it is the images which attract readers not the writings. Thus, why sacrifice them?

YIW & Social Network


A new section has been conceived on the sidebar, appropriate for the various social networks, and their eventual subscriptions: Facebook, feeds, newsletters, Delicious, Twitter.

And, talking about Twitter: starting from today YIW  has its own account on the blue bird social network: take a look at our personalized page, conceived with the website’s identical graphic style.

The Highlighted articles


Our post archive is starting to get somewhat bulky, and the last thing we want is that particular articles, which are timeless, fall into oblivion.

As a remedy to the problem, and in order to make the browsing of  most interesting posts easier, we have inserted in the sidebar a section for the highlighted articles.

The Footer


While little value was placed on the footer in the old layout, it now encompasses six visually altered sections through a javascript effect.

We have decided to dedicate some space to the resources released by YIW: templates, icons and other utilities, which will thus be visible and available instantaneously.

Moreover, another section has been dedicated to the YIW Guides, that is to those series of posts (like for e.g the ten articles on the construction of a website from A to Z) which include complete guides on certain arguments.

The other sections include the ultimate comments, the tag cloud, the post archive and the ultimate twitter messages.

The Banners


Another novelty is the Banner page, in which you can withdraw the codes of certain banners, in two different sizes and with diverse graphic styles, in case you want to give your contribution to the growth of YIW by linking us to your website.

The Plugins

During the restyling process we have also developed three plugin/widgets: you can see them in action on the lower part of the sidebar, in the Follow Us, Highlighted Articles or Job Opportunity sections. Thanks to these plugins, we can manage the sidebar in a dynamic way and directly take decisions from the control pannel what to display and where to display it.

Given that the scope of YIW is that of offering and sharing the more resources possible, it is our intention to release for free these plugins, so you can also integrate them in your own blog and use them the best way you can possibly think of.

We are waiting for your feedback!

And you, what do you think about the new theme of YIW?


  • Choose the theme or the plugin that most suits to your online business
  • Download and install it freely with few clicks
  • When you will be positive about your choice, enjoy the advanced features
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