The new look of YIW in the name of Order and Readability

If you thought that the YIW team was passing it’s time on the beach far away from the community, you have to change your mind now: in these last days we finally finished the  graphic restyling of the blog and of the forum and we just can’t wait to show  you the many novelties of the new theme.

So, we’re interrupting for a minute our summer vacations to show you a lighter and cleaner version of Your Inspiration Web, with less aesthetic frills and a major readability for an easier fruition of the contents and a purposely minimalist graphic layout respect the previous one.

A dutiful introduction: we know that many of you were affectionate to the old layout and that when they entered in our homepage felt as if they were “at home”, but we are sure that with time and with the habit you will feel cosy  also with this theme, appreciating this way the many advantages in terms of clearness and sobriety.

In the web trends and needs are always in rapid and continuous movement, so it’s really unthinkable to remain fossilized for a lot of time in the same form  and to meet your needs and the ones of the market it is essential to always improve oneself: first of all under the functional profile and in second place under the aesthetic profile.

Let’s go and see the main novelties that this theme has.

The new logo of Your Inspiration Web

The first factor on which we concentrated our attention on was, obviously, the logo of the community. The old one was purposely created on the base of an abstract font and strongly eccentric, creative, perfect for the coloured context in which it was collocated. With the new theme, instead, there was a new need of  a label simple and light, particular enough to be noticed immediately  and at the same time easy to read and ordinary. After many attempts we found a soft and linear font right for our purpose and we decided to choose a simple lettering, with the addition of a personalized tagline, avoiding to heavy everything with additional graphic symbols.

The structure of the layout

We  decided to extend in the new theme the dimension of the general container from the traditional 960 pixel to 1150 pixel since  the access statistics demonstrate that – only 8% of our users surf with a resolution of 1024 pixel (or less).

It seemed right to exploit the major space available (like the big of the sectors have done, see Smashing Magazine, Psd Tuts or Instant Shift and more others) in order to give more emphasis to the contents of the community: Content is the King, as somebody could say.

Obviously this doesn’t compromise nor penalizes in any way the users that visit our community with a resolution of 1024 pixel, since in their case this choice involves only a light horizontal scrolling of the sidebar and it doesn’t give no problems in the lecture and in the consultation of the articles or of the basic contents of the blog.

The arrangements of the articles

In the new theme  we have chosen  for an arrangement of the articles in “magazine“ style , giving more visibility to the last article and subdividing the previous articles in two columns. In this way the homepage will contain a relevant number of articles and you will able, with one glance, to capture  more titles among the available ones. More space and better used, so to make more available a larger number of contents in a simple and immediate way.

Suggested reading reading

Considering the great enthusiasm that accompanies, every month, the article dedicated to the “staff’s favourites” we wanted to create in the sidebar a space dedicated to the reading recommendations, news, resources and curiosities found on the web by the YIW staff. This space will be constantly updated and will inform you of all the novelties on the web design scene.

Last comments and freebies

The last comments and the free resources  released by YIW – that in the previous layout were visualized in the footer, with an irritating limit of  available space – in the new theme they’ve been put in the sidebar in order to have at our disposal more space and  visibility.


We gave you a quick survey of the characteristics of the new theme : we decided to launch it now so to give you two weeks – the schedule of the articles will begin again September 6 – to get familiar with the new layout and with it’s functionalities. In case you should notice a bug during the fruition of the contents of the community, please notify it, we’ll correct it as soon as possible.

Once again have a great summer, we’re waiting you at September!


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