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Do you want to keep yourself updated with Your Inspiration Web latest posts?

The main instrument we put at the disposal of our readers is our RSS feed.

Now it is a common occurrence to find links that invite you to “subscribe to feeds” of a certain site while surfing the web.

But what are the Feeds? What are they for?

Let’s proceed in order. Not long ago someone who wanted to follow periodically various sites to check for updates was forced to either bookmark them or visit them several time a day in order to get the news.

This method anyway, with the neckbreaking growth of informative websites met in certain contradiction.

In fact, when the number of sites to follow starts to become considerable, this process becomes a little uncomfortable because it involves a noticable loss of time for the user who is forced to continuously load the pages of interested websites and update them. Even at the cost of discovering that the visited website hasn’t published any updates yet. Nowdays, through the Feed the process has been inverted, it is no longer the user who visits the website continuously to verify potential updates but it is the website itself which sends notification to users who have subscribed to the rss feed each time there is an update on the website.

By subscribing to the feed of a website the user therefore has the possibility of being always updated in real time as soon as new material is disponible on the website. Thus, the Feed is a means that enables the distribution of website contents; that’s based on a XML format.

That means that if you subscribe to the feed of this website, anytime a new article will be published you will receive a notification with the possibility of reading the content without necessarily checking nonstop our website.

How to subscribe and read our feed?

To subscribe and read our feed you have to use a RSS reader that is a software that enables you to obtain and read information from the websites you have subscribed to or you can exploit readers of online feeds.

We are listing two RSS readers that are to be downloaded and installed on the pc:

Screen FeedDemon

Screen FeedDemon

If you want to use an online feed reader you can use Google Reader or Bloglines instead, two of the most used aggregators, in this way you don’t have to install anything on your pc.

Don’t want to use a RSS feed reader? E-mail is another option.

If you think that installing and using a reader can be too complicated no worries, many sites allow the subscription to their feeds through a very familiar system: the use of the e-mail. In fact, by inserting the proper e-mail address it is possible to receive website updates directly in your electronic mail address.

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