Styles in web design: the characteristics of a site made with magazine style

Here we are at the fifth appointment with our section dedicated to the styles in web design. Today we will see what are the main characteristics and strengths of a style magazine and website, as usual, in the next article – based on what we will see today – we will design a layout in this style.

Magazine style: what is it?

The word already says it all: style magazine means the typical design of warheads journalists, paper based or on the web doesn’t matter. In recent years, thanks to the emergence of Web 2.0, style magazines has become popular very quickly, especially among the blogs that have a need to provide a large amount of information to users and want at the same time, give a professional and highly intuitive display.

The characteristics of a magazine-style layout can be summarized as follows:

  • Minimalist and essential graphics: style magazine minimizes frills graphics and point all the focus on content. It ‘a style that comes exclusively to inform and to enhance the characteristics of purely aesthetic site.
  • Readable, always: the reading of texts should be stimulating and should not tire the user. For this reason most of magazines on the web (and beyond) prefer the use of sans-serif font (it seems that the lack of grace makes the text much more readable) and the black text on white background. For the sake of readability is preferable to avoid layout style magazines whose dominant color is the black as the contrast of the white font on black background makes it very difficult to read even for relatively short texts.
  • Intuitive and usable navigation: we have already said about the graphics layout and style; another advantage is the easy navigation within the site through a menu almost always horizontal and highly intuitive. Usability at any price and the concept of a magazine that has its success due to its content.
  • Grid Based Design: the grid concept, is well known in traditional and digital design, has in this type of layout a veru strong presence. The harmony and respect for the proportions in which the content (usually massive) is distributed on the page, is crucial if the page wants to maintain its own balance aesthetics and the content, given their size, remain user-friendly and is not visually disorienting the user.
  • A short introducing of the different contents: a site that produces a lot of content (as may be the site of any newspaper, see for example the Republic or the Courier) has the need to organize themselves in a structured manner, to give as much possible information to you immediately. A large number of items corresponds to a large field of topics that can affect in the same moment, a very extensive portion of the public. In summary, the key concept is: to show a bit of everything that any person entering the home page can find something attractive and the incentive to remain as long as possible on the site.

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