September: the staff’s favourites

September was definitely a month full of initiatives, interesting resources and readings that we just couldn’t leave you in the dark. We’re beginning November in the best way with the usual roundup of materials that the YIW staff put in the favourites for the whole month, waiting to share it with you.

Are you ready?

Like always, we begin with the “most beautiful ones” that are those sites/font/logos, to which we dedicate a small “publicity” space because we think they deserve it.

Site of the month: The Escape

White colour and ink doodles: the perfect pair. Minimal but not bare, professional but not too much, with a play of illustrations (animated and non) cute and really outside the norms, the site of the graphic agency The Escape is really fantastic and beautiful to see.

Portfolio: Ralph Millard

This month we want to award a prize to the portfolio of Ralph Millard for the creative and at the same time elegant way he presented his works in an one page site with a vertical scrolling. The screenshots have a shade that make them somehow dynamic and offer a view on the works done under different points of view (home page, inside page, screenshots of some details, etc.) If the small description on the side of the screenshots isn’t enough to satisfy the user’s curiosity, you can download the pdf of every project with a complete report of the client’s requests and the service offered.

Very nice also the grey texture in the background, that gives refinement to the layout maintaining the text completely readable.

Font: Jellyka Cuttycupcakes

A pretty and an irreverent handwriting font, perfect for a fanciful out of the lines design. Complete with all the accented letters, capital letters and special characters, it’s a font suggested for a look & feel young and original.

Logo design

Logo inspiration: 30 logotypes of a green colour

There are people saying that green and blue will be the trend colours in the logo design in 2011.Waiting to see if this prediction is right, let’s enjoy this beautiful collection of green logotypes. My favourite one is Leeyenda Urbana, and yours?

Symbols and their impact on the design of a logo

Associate to a logo an effective, impact and functional  symbol. How? Discover it with this beautiful article by Hongkiat that can give you interesting tips if you are searching ideas for a logo that you’re projecting

When the redesign of a logo goes in a wrong way

The Pepsi Cola modified its logo and the general opinion about the new look of the brand is definitely negative. On the other hand the re-design of a logo is a delicate and complicated procedure that can compromise the company’s  image and balance .


Tutorial and resources for an “eco-friendly” design

We draw in green, we draw ecological: a beautiful collection of tutorial and resources for an ecological design.

Draw a visiting card: showcase, tutorial, examples and much more

A complete guide for the creation of a visiting card: unmissable especially for beginners that are now approaching the world of brand identity, this article of Smashing Magazine offers tutorial, tips, ideas and inspiration to create the perfect visiting card.

Beginning from the basis with Adobe Indesign

Adobe In design, this stranger? No more, thanks to the collection of tutorial of Nenuno Creative that lays the foundations for a first (but complete) approach with this Adobe software.


Wireframing kit: a huge collection of resources

A very exciting collection of resources: a series (almost) endless of graphic elements for admin panels, mobile graphic, form….all strictly in free download and of high quality.

Tools and offline utilities useful for designers

Some offline tools that every designer – fond of  pencil and paper – should know and use in his design projects.

25 psd taken from

365psd is an American site managed by a few freelance web designers that offers a free psd everyday. The initiative is really interesting, also because the released psd till now are all high quality psd . In this article 25 psd have been selected among all those published on the site, give them a glance!

A free psd for a template of a hosting company

A template in psd free very nice released by the blog

Global news: a free WordPress theme in magazine style

For all those who love the magazine style, an excellent free WordPress template released by Instant Shift: unmissable!

Wallpaper inspirated to the font Helvetica

There is no designer that doesn’t have a deep passion – and admiration – for the Helvetica font. Nenuno offers us a wallpaper collection dedicated to the most idolized font by the masses, if you are Helvetica-addicted, immediately pick out your favourite wallpaper!

A rich collection of thin and elegant fonts

For a minimal design, with an elegant and refined typography, this rich collection of  thin fonts,cam come handy to you.

100 template WordPress free

The unmissable collection of free themes for WordPress drawn up by Smashing Magazine: a complete view of all the themes created in 2010 and released in free download.

Suggested Readings & inspiration

leather in the web design: 20 examples of use

Leather is a texture extremely versatile that finds many applications in the web design. This inspiring showcase offers some examples of  the integration of the leather in many colours and subjects.

33 methods “out of the common run” to find the inspiration

Can’t find the inspiration for your new project? Sing, dance, go shopping, draw up a list of bad ideas…33 ideas – strange and intriguing – to find again the lost inspiration. Will it work? Try it.

HTML5: realities and myths

Everybody does a lot of talking about the potentialities of HTML5, but what are it’s real characteristics and limits, and which are “urban myths”? Let’s discover it together.


A look at the past: the look of some famous sites their fist time online

Youtube, Google, Facebook at the beginning: a touch of  nostalgic and a smile towards the Christmas look of some of the famous sites of the world.

An enthralling collection of hypnotic animations

If you want to knock off and lose for awhile contact with the world, concentrate yourself on this collection of hypnotic animations: really impressing!

45 fantastic examples of art on Moleskine

If you loved my article on Sketch and Doodles, you can’t miss this beautiful design collection on Moleskine. And there’s still somebody that says that this is not Art!

50 Street art in 3d

A 3D street Art: very devastating and impossible to describe. Judge yourself!


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