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During the completion phase of the new theme, like I had previously mentioned, I developed three plugin/widgets that enabled the management in a dynamic way of our blog’s sidebar. And, as promised, here’s the release of the first of the plugin/widgets.

Versione: 1.0
Pubblicato: 07 December 2009
Dimensione: 55.69 kB
Download: Plugin Follow us

Plugin Follow us

The plugin we’re talking about is very simple and permits adding – at a random point of your blog’s sidebar – a section dedicated to the various Social Networks to which you are subscribed.

As you might have noticed, Social Networks have become the tenet of web communication; it is crucial, for your blog’s success, to provide your followers with an opportunity to follow you through these new communication channels.

The Follow Us widget allows you to add links to the main Social Networks currently in use today; moreover, it also offers the possibility of adding a link to a potential newsletter page or to subscribe to the blog’s feed.


The installation, like for all WordPress plugins, is quite simple. After downloading the file, it can be executed following these simple steps:

  1. Unzip the archive named “follow-us” inside your folder “plugins” (/wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the Plugin named Follow Us.
  3. From WordPress control panel click on the menu Appearance > Widgets.
  4. Drag the Widget named Follow Us on your blog’s sidebar to the point in which you want to display it.
  5. Configure the several options enabled by the plugin.

Widget Administration

By means of a small control panel, the widget allows you to choose which account, out of those available, to actually display on your blog’s sidebar.

At present, it is possible to choose between Facebook, Twitter and Delicious accounts, plus rss Feed subscription of the proper blog and links to a potential Newsletter page. For each item it is possible to add both the link and the text to link.

Below you can take a look at a screenshot with regard to the configuration of the widget’s control panel (click on the image to enlarge).


Widget in use

Obviously, a live preview of the widget in action can be seen just on the sidebar of our blog, anyway below, I am going to demonstrate you a screenshot of the Follow Us widget in action:

01 - widget-in-action


The plugin provides the following css categories:

  • .widget_follow-us {background image to place on the title}
  • li.facebook {background image to display on Facebook account}
  • li.facebook:hover {background image to display while moving the mouse on Facebook account}
  • li.facebook span {color for the “Facebook” script}
  • li.twitter {}
  • li.twitter:hover { }
  • li.twitter span { }
  • li.rss { }
  • li.rss:hover { }
  • li.rss span { }
  • li.newsletter { }
  • li.newsletter:hover { }
  • li.newsletter span { }
  • li.delicious { }
  • li.delicious:hover { }
  • li.delicious span { }

The categories of every Social Network have the same functions described by the Facebook categories. It is possible to use personalized images which are going to be added inside the “images” folder of the plugin (/wp-content/plugins/follow-us/images/).


The widget has been localized in such a way as to allow the translation of all the texts presented to the user, it is released both in Italian and English.

Inside, you can also find the source files (language/follow-us.pot) in order to make it easy for everyone to generate dictionary files for the desired language.

Release Notes

Versione 1.0 (Initial version)

  • Possibility to display the Facebook account with a relative link and text to link.
  • Possibility to display the Twitter account with a relative link and text to link.
  • Possibility to display the Delicious account with a relative link and text to link
  • Possibility to display the subscription to rss Feed of the proper blog.
  • Possibility to display the subscription to the Newsletter with link to the page and text to link.
  • Italian language
  • English language

For any type of clarification, suggestion, or criticism you are invited to use the comments of this article.

Versione: 1.0
Pubblicato: 07 December 2009
Dimensione: 55.69 kB
Download: Plugin Follow us
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