October: Suggestions by the editorial staff


This article inaugurates a new series of articles that will promote on a monthly basis the “editorial staff’s favorites”.

We, the people of YIW try to cut out small fractions of time everyday to surf the web in search of inspiration, resources, curiosities, utilities. And, in full spirit with our community, we have decided to share with you everything, which in the month that just ended did attract our attention.

Font, graphic layouts, curiosities, tutorials, articles, resources…a little bit of everything, in a few words. Are you curious? Here’s a round-up of the best of October: we hope you find it interesting or useful.


We start with proposing what for one reason or another has struck us during this month. In a few words, what is close to our heart.

The website

Always him, Robert Dann. If with his other website he took us in a world of seduction and intrigues, with his personal website he had us literally dreaming. Robert Dann introduces himself on the web as the professional he undoubtely is, and his website is obviously a touch of style.


At the aesthetic level it is practically impossible to detect an error: beautiful the texture material above, original the left band which serves as a background for the logo. For not to mention the grey/pink shock contrast and the calligraphic font on the picture.

The crowning moment? “The wall” page, disordered, almost childish, which gives room for the client comments (authentical, we hope) and encompasses a series of  “post-it call-to-action”. An interesting space that on an artist’s website it surely doesn’t harm anyone.


The business card: Daniel v.j.smeeney, photographer

Every business card has a touch of creativity , in which the actual text content is brilliantly substituted by fascinating images, which alone, are worth more than a hundred introductory words.


The blog

To list the reasons why Gopal Raju’s blog is among our favorites is almost impossible: they are simply way too much. Even if we wanted to omit the pattern, the background effects and the wood effect for the menu above in order to spare some words it is impossible to miss the glow effect for the hover, light and non intrusive, totally pleasant.


A couple of small effects, like the social network icons in prominence at the passing of the mouse  or the twitter birdie that gives us a wink , they impress us for that fragment of time which is enough  to appreciate the entire blog even more.


Some javascripts render the website more dynamic, and the interaction for the user is more interesting and stimulating at the same time.


Cute even the icons that peep out on the background: above all, the same icons (“pagepeel”) are available as free resources. A reason more to come and take a look, don’t you think so?


Finally, eventhough we are notorious as not being animated gifs fans, the way they are used in this blog, to highlight the commentator by the page’s end, it’s an effect that barely goes unnoticed.  It’s that, after all, it gives peculiarity to the footer.


The font

Daring, original and cheerful: the Jellyka font peeped out from the sensual photographic website of Robert Dann: it was impossible to resist it.



30 great websites that use wordpress as a cms


Are you dealing with a little biggot client who seems to be still reluctant when you proposed a website completed on the wordpress platform? There is still somebody who mistakenly connects “wordpress” to the blog platform and does not realize of the potentials of its use as a cms. This showcase fits your case: if even Ford chooses wordpress, there must be a reason!

17 tutorials: how to design a wordpress theme?


If you have to project or design a wordpress theme and you don’t even know where to start from, these 17 tutorials are just for you.

The best wordpress login pages


If you thought that wordpress login pages could not be personalized, this showcase is for you. Sometimes, it is these details that make the difference and give an extra touch to a website.

Typography & fonts

Fonts for designers


Work up proposes each week the coolest and most interesting fonts for every web designer who is respected.  These fonts have particularly impressed us: simple, minimalist, versatile.

Totally cool: Smeared ink on your typography


An absolutely original effect for your website’s typography or your illustrations? Try out this tutorial on your texts: the outcome is totally intriguing.

Jquery, javascript & other effects

Polaroid effect with CSS3 and jQuery


Cute and still little used, this effect is absolutely worth trying out. Especially, if you have tons of pictures to share on the web or if you have had enough of the usual sliders.

Resources: brush, icons & co

A rich brush archive

Abstract brushes, retro lines, balloons: a rich brush archive to enrich your graphic projects. The website is in Arabic, but you have my word: the zips do not hide ugly surprises!

200 rss icons, more original than ever


For the lovers of the rss icons, another wonderful collection of free icons.  Absolutely not to be missed!

21 extremely useful icon sets for designers


Littleboxofideas compiles for us a list of 21 icon sets that every designer has to bear in mind.  Some are well-known, others have been a pleasant surprise: try it out to see for yourself!

Woo themes icon sets


They’re beautiful, or better still gorgeous. It’s the 79 icons released by Woo themes. Not to be missed.

Brand identity & logo design

80 free vector logos


Short of inspiration? Spice up your fantasy with this collection of 80 free vector logos, you can find for all tastes.

Business cards



Edges slightly rounded off, enviable typography and a pleasant relief effect. And the orange/black contrast?  This is the cherry on the cake.

Koji Sueyoshi


Obviously the style is everything but minimalist, but the originality has to be praised. A business card like this hardly goes unnoticed.

Tutorials in Photoshop

How to design a promotional site for an iphone application


The layout is gorgeous, the tutorial easy to follow like only psdtuts tutorials can be.

Designing a professional layout


The layout is really professional. And the tutorial, thanks to dozens of screenshots, is impressing.

Web interface: 40 tutorials


40 tutorials that will help you, step by step , to design a website. Perfect for someone who is in his first steps and wants to learn the functioning of various techniques.

Designing a call-to-action button


Everybody knows already what call-to-action buttons are and what they are for.  But maybe not everyone knows how to plan and design one. Find out how with this guide!

Css, Xhtml & co



@font-face: finally almost all major browsers support the inclusion of fonts, other than those considered as “web-safe”: in a not-so-distant future we will say farewell to images, flashes or Javascript techniques. Here is an introduction to the argument.

The best 101 css techniques


The CSS have changed the way of doing webdesign: here’s a collection of 101 techniques that might help us in our daily work.

Various articles & co

How to optimize Photoshop


A little gem discovered in the meanders of DeviantArt: how to optimize Photoshop in 8 simple steps.

The worst 30 errors web designers can make


A list of errors to always keep with you. Because, despite being well-known, they are errors that can occur every now and then. If you are a repeat offender, I advise you read it before you start a new project!


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