November: suggestions from the Editor


As we mentioned in this article, each month Your Inspiration Web offers you a new list of  “Editor’s favorites”, designed to promote fonts, articles, or resources found on the web.

November was a great month: in our favorites you’ll find a lot of material to consult. So, let’s get started right away! 


Or those which, this month, struck our hearts.

The website

It is elegant in every detail and has excellent graphics: it would be impossible to not fall in love with this site. The logo is beautiful, the soft colors play together perfectly and the typeset is polished in every detail. And even though it is typically discouraged to use both a serif and a sans-serif font in the same project, the details highlighted in georgia contribute to the over-all perfect aesthetic result. Hats off, I’d say.


The blog

Disorganized, eccentric, fake-chaotic. And colorful. A true stoke of originality with a very particular font, and audacious and well-studied graphics.


Font: Ayosmonika

Even though we’ve already put it in the list of particular fonts, we’re going to catch the ball on the fly and suggest it to you once again. We’re talking about the font Ayosmonika, bubbly and creative to the right degree. Just  seeing its re-adaptation in the logo for is enough to understand its true aesthetic potential. Wow.



..and Nilland

Similar to rockwell but more delicate: nilland is decidedly an underestimated font. It is suggested for esthetically elegant and refined projects.



45 free wordpress themes


More free WordPress themes. Some are truly high class.

Resources: brushes, icons & co.

30 textures for a perfect vintage style


Vintage is dead? I don’t think so! If quality resources in this style are still being developed, it’s for a reason. Floral and woodcut textures: f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.

33 websites for vector image resource downloads


Free resources are always welcome, especially if they’re vector and of good quality. Here there are thousands!

Another brush site


There are dozens of websites that offer photoshop brushes. This is an updated archive where we found original and relatively unknown brushes.

mp3 players


Need to add audio clips to your webpage? here are four players.

Grid Framework


A very lightweight grid framework for simple projects and/or to start building your own css framework.

1100 abstract brushes, free and professional


Eleven-hundred are really a lot. And some are truly great. Try them, you’ll like them.

Brand identity & logo design

22 mistakes to avoid in the logo design phase


The title says it all: a simple and always current problem about which YIW has also made itself heard. But a review can’t hurt.

Is my logo inappropriate?


It’s a question we should always ask ourselves. When can a logo be deemed inappropriate? What details should be considered?

Monkeys and business: 25 successful logos


Touchè. YIW’s editorial staff loves monkeys. And they can’t avoid admiring the original usage in each of the 25 logos found here.

35 Business Cards to inspire you


These business cards are a triumph of originality and aesthetics. Be Inspired.

Logos: what makes a good design?


Parts 1, 2 and 3. Very interesting Blog.

The effective use of 2 colors, black and white, in graphic design


Black and white: with these two colors you can’t go wrong. Taking a look is enough to understand that it’s really true.


Webdesign: 10 creative styles..


Illustrations, transparencies, retro..ten timeless styles for your web design projects. Nice article with some very interesting examples.

Style switchers: examples and resources


Beautiful examples. For those who want to take the trouble to design more stiles for their site: great examples and beautiful layouts to choose from with a click.

Horizontal scrolling: showcase and tutorial


Scrolling: it’s a winning style for 2010. And with these tutorials it’s even easier to achieve.

6 Ways to transform your web design from good to great!


Really from good to great! And the title isn’t an exaggeration: the points covered are interesting, the examples truly fascinating.

Green in web design


Green is relaxing, it inspires trust and hope. Three good reasons to use it in your web design projects.

Various articles & co.

7 signs you shouldn’t become a freelancer


Clear away all doubts, for good: are you cut out for a tough (and exciting) career as a freelancer, or is it better if you think it over a bit more?

Understanding your brain for better design: left vs. right


Interesting and likable article from webdesignerdepot about the differences between the right and left brain. A pleasant read, even if a bit frivolous.

50 fascinating photo examples “out of the box”


It’s truly a fascinating effect, always present in any design project. A bit 3d, a bit not, these examples with convince you for good.

Concept Feedback


A Community where you can share your projects and get feedback and suggestions: useful for comparing yourself to others and improving.

24 ways


An advent calendar for web designers, with interesting articles from leading experts worldwide (it’s even worth reading the old articles)

“Future of web design”


A series of very high quality presentations from the “Future of Web design” conference held last spring in London.


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