Left-aligned websites: are they really to be avoided?

Which is the optimal alignment for a website: right, left or central?

Obviously centrally-aligned, is not something new.

If I weren’t such an obstinate opposer, probably I’d limit myself to agreeing and admitting that yes, eventually centrally-aligned is better, thumbs-up to the centrally-aligned, no way to left-aligned websites.

Okay, the centrally-aligned layout is undoubtedly preferable for a series of logical reasons: a better distribution of spaces, major legibility, minor disorder for users who navigate the website, in the new monitors it is plain ugly to have the entire website stuck on the left and the rest of the screen (which is immense) empty, etc etc…

However, while I flip through css galleries, hungry as always for novelty, I don’t know why but the websites which attract me the most lately are those which have chosen the alignment on the left.

A matter of taste, I thought. Then I understood what it is instead.

It’s that, in an ocean of steady and obvious centrally-aligned websites, the anarchic and chaotic “left-sided” ones, stand out. And I like them.

Hence, although I am aware that probably this article will bring me a little bit of boooo! Shame on you!, I think that one of the websites I’m going to design in the future will be left-aligned.

With a beautiful background, maybe a nice picture for a photography website? Who knows, maybe one which occupies the entire screen, even in bigger resolutions, and the text in the middle distance, on the left.

We will see how it comes out.

Meanwhile, take a look at these websites – which I find really special – and tell me: what do you think?

Left alignment is to be avoided, no matter what, or can there be pleasant exceptions?

1. Jr Velasco


2. Squid Ink


3. Jeff Sarmiento


4. Colazione da Micky


5. Ola blog


6. Andy Thomas


7. I am Todd


8. My fotos


9. Doglas Menezes


10. Mc coy


11. Art Flavours


12. Abc baseball


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