Inspiration: Creative Images and Visual Experiments

Like many other designers, are often looking for graphics and pictures to inspire and make my creative projects: a particular test, an original effect of a gallery for photos, designs and colors for customers outside the box eccentric … anything, provided it is able to hit immediately and visually effective.

In the time I picked up several “visual experiments” created by designer / photographer / whatever on duty, some because they were able to intrigue me, because others have inspired me for some work. However, regardless of how I (or I) made, each of these projects I have been very stimulating for the imagination and at the same time, reminded me that art is above all want to get involved and originality (and maybe a little dose of madness, why not).

Do not believe me? we’re seeing.

Pictures? No, book covers and magazines

A truly original photographic experiment: to match perfectly unknown faces in images gleaned from magazines and book covers, in a perfect mix and the limits of the paradox. Much creativity and much editing, and the effect is really exciting.

A giant leap backward

If you are a lover of vintage photos in black and white or sepia tones in the warm, this project is for you: romantic union of past and present for a truly beautiful sight.

[Source: Looking Into the Past]

Faces money

In the era of Web 2.0 just do a little fun to be talked about. A fashion which recently spoke even the site of the Republic, and that seems crazy overseas, is to match photos portraits and notes …. The results are dismayed and very humorous, and if the first protagonists of this experiment were VIPs (thanks to a Photoshop contest organized by site Freaking News, now people of all ages have fun choosing the poses more surreal to be able to match its features with the characters portrayed in the most disparate banknotes from around the globe.

Some faces money … VIP

And ordinary humans:

[View the full gallery here]

Pencil against camera

This graphic design is nothing short of wonderful. It will be because I’m a lover of photography and at the same time a fetishist (pass me the term) of charcoal drawings, but the fine detail and originality of the subjects are very difficult to emulate. Graphic idea of great inspiration for projects in-style grunge hand drawn.

[View all designs on the Flickr group]

Another great effect that I have seen too often in web design, the effect is “off the border” with the characters of the photos, with a very special effect 3d, seem out of the picture frame.

[View the complete collection on Hongkiat]

Eiffel Tower Plastic …

Perhaps it is quite useful, but originality is definitely rewarded: the idea is to replace the great architectural works or not, the corresponding models of plastic, they are souvenirs or whatever.The optical effect is very nice, is not it?

[View the full gallery on the flickr group]


What is your favorite graphic design? Meet other such trends that are emerging in the world of digital design / photography?


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