Inspiration: Africa, land of colours and creativity

Mysterious, seductive, place of fascinating legends and of exotic lands to be discovered: in this period everybody in one way or another talk about her. It’s Africa, a land that like no other is capable to give strong emotions and, why not, to inspire.

There are many sites  that somehow are tied to this land, probably because it’s a very appreciated  tourist destination ( just think at the beloved Safari),  probably for the several humanitarian projects that have arisen in the course of time and that are largely promoted through  the realization, in fact, of web pages.

Hot landscapes,  bright colours ( with a chromatic scale that goes from orange to brown), thrilling photos of animals that we can see only through documentaries on television, and many photos to show the human realty of this land so far away. All this applied to a dirty design, tending to grunge, with irregular lines and shaded colours, for a very attractive effect.

So, what do you think of getting tempted and inspired by Africa’s colours?

Africa doesn’t only influence the web design, but all art in general.

Paintings, prints on canvas, gaudy coloured fabrics, furnishings for the domestic habitat and so on. As a tribute to this country everyday arise designs, logotypes, posters that want in one way or another, to represent visually and conceptually the country and its people, its colours, its wildlife and its extraordinary folklore  traditions.

Which among these, is the design that you prefer most and that comes close to your idea of Africa?

Let’s open an opinion poll with the YIW people!

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