Inspiration: 28 websites dedicated to our pets

Talent, fantasy, intuition, inspiration. They are not abstract concepts and with no relevance, at least not in the life of a good designer.
On the contrary, they are essential components for being able to work in a stimulating and gratifying way.
Personally I  consider that there’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself in front of a blank screen, with a deadline ominously approaching and with absolutely no idea where to start from. When it happens (seldom, fortunately) that I’m lacking creativity this leads me to carrying out poor and not-so-catchy graphic projects and, even though the client would accept the draft I’m proposing with a profusion of compliments, inside me that unpleasant feeling of incompleteness always remains: I am not able to recognize the work as my own, it feels as alien and ill-chosen.

Vice versa, when the inspiration calls, in a quite arrogant way, I can’t not heed the call.

I don’t know if it has happened to you, but to me it did, and more than once actually, of having to divert attention from a project I’m working on (with poor results, in fact) because, needless to say, I feel inspired for designing the website, I don’t know, let’s say of a beauty shop. I already start perceiving forms, colors, I already imagine the perfect aesthetic display of images which, obviously, I immediately start searching on stock image websites.

Recently, for example, I know I got three/projects under construction on which I should already start working on. And obviously, I’m going to, there’s no doubt about it.


I feel tremendously inspired by the website of a veterinarian. Or that of a pet shop. Oh well, I feel the “creative” need of working on the website of an activity that has got something to do with our four-legged friends. And even though I don’t have a client in the sector for now, I have learned that the fantasy is so touchy that you cannot just afford to ignore it, no.  It is taken care of, it is caressed and sustained. And you let go, when necessary.

Hence, this small showcase. I had a great time searching on some pet-site on which to draw on and it was so difficult to find interesting websites dedicated to the animal world that, since I have found some really cute ones, I felt like sharing them with you.

And you, do you know others?

1. Enpa Narni


2. Shore birds


3. Chattzoo


4. Tvwc


5. Kate’s critter care


6. Mia and Meggie


7. Buen Retiro Vergara


8. Parco Natura Viva


9. Eukanuba


10. Keep’em home pet services


11. Bird Malaysia


12. Pets be have


13. Before grain


14. The gilded paw


15. Burrishof


16. Wig Wag Walk


17. Frizo


18. Ginger puplane


19. Doo care


20. The unexpected pitbull


21. Lillibed


22. Aquaze


23. Wild ocean film


24. Paharakeke

25. Barkives

26. All about birds

27. Doggie day care

28. Great urban pet escapes

And if you, like me, are an animal lover, too…do not miss this beautiful collection of logos!

Do you know another beautiful pet site? Let me know.


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