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Why become an author of Your Inspiration Web?

The main objective suggested by YIW is that of sharing of skills and experiences between those who work in the field of web designing & web developing in order to offer the possibility, for those looking for it, to perfection and improve themselves constantly. Besides YIW also wants to be a valid point of reference for those close to this world and that’s why it suggests guides, tutorials, advices, free resources, utilities and various inspiration sources for your works. It’s just because everything comes into existence with the spirit of sharing, that we give the possibility – to those who have something to advice and/or share – to contribute by becoming authors of this community which is also yours.

Who can become an author of YIW?

Anybody who has specific skills in the subjects we deal with and has the will to share personal experiences through our community while also making a name for themselves. Writing for a thematic community can give a boost to your professionalism and allows you to become known on the web

Writing on YIW is not difficult, but we ask for the maximal seriousness and reliability: which means that the content has to be original and not “copy pasted” here and there; moreover, if an author finds inspiration on another blog and quotes the content, is obliged of mentioning the source, and if necessary, ask for the permission of the legitimate owner.

What are the topics to deal with?

Obviously the posts you want to publish on YIW have to pertain to the various areas of competence:

  • Css and Xhtml (news, ideas, tricks, techniques)
  • Free resources (fonts, icons, textures, patterns, brushes, etc..)
  • Ispiration ( thematic showcases)
  • Utilities and instruments for web developers/designers
  • Graphics and design
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and other development softwares (tutorials, guides and resources)
  • Web design (guides, tutorials)

How to get started?

Contact us and let us know about the thematic area you are interested in writing. If you have already written articles or you have your own blog, let us know. It can help us evaluate your skills faster.

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