Beauty and Clean: a free minimal WordPress theme

Oh well, it’s too late now, it passed: Your Inspiration Web celebrated two years of life and nobody gave us their best wishes. Of course, it’s our fault, we didn’t say anything, we didn’t organize anything, not even a small party this year therefore our second anniversary passed quietly.

In reality in the past weeks we have been working behind the scenes to release a free resource just for this occasion, but unfortunately for one reason or another, the date was always postponed  and we completed this project only in these days.

It was tough, as they say, but we did it: we present Beauty & Clean, a free WordPress theme in minimal style, elegant completely controllable by the panel. Our small gift to celebrate with you our first two years of activity.

Beauty and Clean

Beauty is a clean and elegant theme that can be used for your company website: it offers in fact the possibility to visualize in Home an introductory page and the latest news, a feature common to many corporate sites. Nevertheless, it’s perfect also for a more traditional use of WordPress, as also in the blog version the layout remains vital and engaging.

General Technical Features

The theme is provided with a handy administration panel developed to manage the configuration of every single element without having to put  hands on the markup: so that even those who don’t have familarity with the code is able to configure every aspect with no problems.

Logo and description

The logo and the description can be created dynamically by inserting the text (name of the site and description) directly from the WordPress admin panel as shown in Figure 1.

Figura 1 - Inserimento del nome e della descrizione del sito.

Figure 1 - Insertion of the name and description of the site.

and automatically – immediately after saving the included options – these values will be reproduced on every page of the site using the  Halo Handletter font that has been integrated in the theme with the help of the  replacement technique provided Cufon (Figure 2).

Figura 2 - Logo e descrizione del sito rappresentati con Cufon.

Figure 2 - Logo and description of the website represented with Cufon.

Obviously in the eventuality that one has his own logo, the administration panel of the theme we developed (accessible through Appearance –> Theme Options) allows to load it in a simple and intuitive way, with a simple click of the mouse (Figure 3).

free minimal wordpress theme

Figure 3 - Upload a logo from the theme management panel.

Drag & Drop Menu

The theme  has two menus compatible with the new Drag & Drop system introduced by the version 3.0 of WordPress. To create the main navigation menu all you have to do is simply drag the concerned items  (Figure 4) within the established area and in less than a minute you’ll have a winning multilevel navigation system (Figure 5).

Figura 4 - Menù di navigazione principale realizzato mediante Drag & Drop.

Figure 4 - Main navigation menu created with Drag & Drop.

Figura 5 - Menù dropdown in azione.

Figure 5 - Dropdown menu in action.

The menu is completely functional even with Javascript disabled, this is to make it completely accessible also to people who navigate using devices different from the traditional ones.

Modular Home Page

The Home Page can be configured in several ways: the image used in the header can be completely controlled by the  admin panel from  the menu  Appearance –> Header .

Figura 6 - Possibilità di cambiare l'immagine della testata con un semplice click del mouse.

Figure 6 - Possibility to change the image of the heading with a simple click of the mouse.

You can choose among a set of five predefined  images or upload your own (Figure 6). Once selected the image, this will be automatically shown on the home page of the site (Figure 7).

Figura 7 - Testata del sito mostrata in Home Page.

Figure 7 - Heading of the website shown in the Home Page.

Insertion of the latest news

We developed a widget, called Last news and a sidebar (Figure 8) designed to include the latest news on the lateral section of the Home Page (Figure 9) using a simple Drag & Drop operation – generated by Custom Post Type (Figure 10).

Figura 8 - Sidebar e Widget personalizzati per gestire l'home page.

Figure 8 - Customized Sidebar and Widget to manage the 'home page.

Figura 9 - Le ultime 3 news pubblicate sul sito sono mostrate in home page tramite il widget Last News che abbiamo trascinato.

Figure 9 - The last 3 news posted on the site are shown in home page through the widget Last News that we dragged.

Figura 10 - Custom Post Type per l'inserimento delle News

Figure 10 - Custom Post Type for the insertion of the News

And to complete the work, you have to configure the footer of our theme  (Figure 11).

Figura 11 - Configurazione del Footer da applicare al tema.

Figure 11 - Configuration of the Footer to apply to the theme.

From the administration panel you can choose between two types of footers always in perfect minimal style: the first with a single column with a centred text alignment and the second with two columns  with the text to insert (always from the panel) subdivided in the  two columns, one on the right and the other on the left..

We created a home page in minimal style (Figure 12), engaging and dynamic, without touching one line of code.

Figura 12 - Home Page Beauty & Clean Free.

Figure 12 - Home Page Beauty & Clean Free.

About Page

We created a template for the  About page that can house – besides the classical descriptive text of the page – the members of the team always managed with the use of  Custom Post Type (Figure 13).

Figura 13 - Gestione del Team mediante Custom Post Type.

Figure 13 - Management of the team with Custom Post Type.

In addition, we preset the page with a sidebar that can house other widgets created specifically for the theme: for example in our live preview we inserted the widget Testimonial (Figure 14) that shows a slider with the latest testimonials posted on the site.

Figura 14 - Widget Testimonial.

Figure 14 - Widget Testimonial.

From the widget  you can configure the number of testimonials to show, the effect to assign to the slider, the scroll speed and many other things (Figure 14).

Even the latest testimonials are managed by Custom Post Type (Figure 15) to simplify further their management.

Figura 15 - Gestione delle testimonianze tramite Custom Post Type.

Figure 15 - Management of the testimonials with Custom Post Type.

Three layouts to apply to any page

For any page we have foreseen the possibility to apply a full screen layout or with a sidebar and the possibility to choose whether to show it on the  left or on the right of the page (Figure 16).

Figura 16 - Personalizzazioni durante la creazione delle pagine.

Figure 16 - Personalizations during the creation of the pages.

Moreover for all the pages you can add a slogan and choose whether or not to visualize the title (Figure 16).

Blog Page

On a theme for WordPress there certainly has to be the template dedicated to the blog. For those who wish to use the theme in a more traditional way  even the blog page, it has a simple and elegant style.

The template of the articles support the nested comments and it has a sidebar ready to house a widget on the left side.

Template for the Contact page

We have also foreseen a template for the Contact page in which you can put your contact information. The Contact page has been equipped with its own sidebar and some widgets for the inclusion of ones contacts, such as phone numbers and addresses (Figure 17).

Figura 17 - I due widget che permettono l'inserimento dei propri contatti sulla sidebar.

Figure 17 - The two widgets that allow the insertion of ones contacts on the sidebar.

What can I say? We configured in less than ten minutes the entire site – that can be managed dynamically – with an excellent aesthetic result and most important thing without having to write one single line of code .

A professional template that can be used by experts but also by those who have little experience with html and other programming codes.

Do you like it?

We give it to you, it’s yours!


The theme is localized in English and almost entirely in Italian (about 80%). Through the translation file that we have released always within the theme, you can localize it in any other language.

Support File

Along with the theme, we have released a support file (support.pdf) that will help you in the entire configuration process of the theme. For obvious reasons we can’t offer a customized support, it would impossible  for us to keep up with all the requests without affecting our daily working  hours considering how many you are and that the theme we’re releasing it for the download also on the official site of WordPress.

For the report of  possible bugs found, you can use our forum to report it – in case there wasn’t – opening a new topic.

Beauty & Clean, premium version

For those who have more advanced needs, we thought of a Premium version of our theme which offers more advanced features and the possibility of advanced customizations, like for example the possibility to add and manage always from the panel a slider on the Home Page or the possibility to change the color of the theme simply by selecting it with a handy color picker. But let’s see in detail the features of the Premium version.

Let’s give a bit of verve to the Home: 2 Sliders available

For those who want to give a bit of action to the Home Page in the Premium version of Beauty we have foreseen the use of two different sliders: one to show a simple sequence of images (Figure 18) and the other to present besides the images also the textual content (Figure 19).

Figura 18 - Slider immagini.

Figure 18 - Image Slider.

Figura 19 - Slider di immagini e contenuto.

Figure 19 - Slider of images and contents.

Select and configure the slider

Both sliders are configured from the Administration Panel of the theme from where you can select:  the type of slider, the images to load, eventual links to assign to the slider and more (Figure 20). You can also order the many elements of the slider with a simple click and drag of the mouse.

Figura 20 - Configurazione slider.

Figure 20 - Slider configuration.

We have also foreseen  the ability to modify the properties of the slider (effects, speed, etc.) directly form the admin. panel (Figure 21) so that you absolutely don’t have to worry about putting your hands on the code.

Figura 21 - Configurazione delle proprietà dello slider.

Figure 21 - Configuration of the proprieties of the slider.

Let’s highlight our services on the Home

For the  Premium version we have created another sidebar and a new widget (Text with image) that let you put three boxes in the Home page with titles, pictures and descriptive text (Figure 22). All this to give further prominence to certain activities directly on the main page of the website (Figure 23) and always without putting yours hands on the code.

Figura 22 - Widget che permette di aggiungere i tre servizi in evidenza sulla Home Page del sito.

Figure 22 - Widgets that allow to add the three services highlighted on the Home Page of the website.

Figura 23 - I tre box in evidenza sulla Home Page.

Figure 23 - The three boxes highlighted on the Home Page.

Unlimited colors for the Premium version

If the red color that we used for the theme doesn’t suit your business or doesn’t match with the colors of your brand,  don’t worry: from the admin panel  you can assign whatever kind of color to the many elements that  make up the theme with a handy color picker (Figure 24). All you have to do is select the desired color with a simple click of the mouse.

Figura 24 - Selezione del colore mediante color picker.

Figure 24 - Selection of the color with color picker.

Tipography: 20 additional fonts and the possibility to manage all the sizes directly from the panel

With a simple click of the  mouse in the premium version  you can choose one among the 20 non- traditional fonts that we decided to make available (Figure 25) and that is used on the theme to show the slogans and some titles. Moreover  it’s possible to add other fonts at ones’ liking in a rather simple and intuitive way.

Figura 25 - Scelta del font da utilizzare per lo slogan e alcuni titoli usati nel tema.

Figure 25 - Choice of the font to use for the slogan and some titles used in the theme.

Always for what concerns typography, from the administration panel  you can also select the size of the text that every single element of the theme should have (Figure 26).

Figura 26 - Configurazione della dimensione del testo dei vari elementi del tema.

Figure 26 - Configuration of the size of the text of the many elements of the theme.

Unlimited sidebars

Making sure that you don’t lack for nothing, we decided to offer you the possibility to create and manage unlimited sidebars (Figure 27) to use on any pages of the theme, everything –always – with a single click of the mouse.

Figura 27 - Creazione di illimitate sidebar.

Figure 27 - Creation of unlimited sidebar.

Configuration and management of unlimited contact forms

In the  Premium version we provided the possibility to add and configure directly from the Administration  Panel unlimited contact forms (Figure28) to be used on any page of the site, in our live-preview  you’ll find the form at work on the contact page.

The form is provided also with its own validation error system, everything always easily configurable from the Panel from where you can also configure all the other variables you can see in the screenshot shown in Figure 28.

Figura 28 - Configurazione e gestione dei moduli di contatto.

Figure 28 - Configuration and management of the contact forms.


For the delight of all the freelancers and agencies that want to show quickly and effectively their projects, we included the possibility to create a portfolio page that can be selected between two different layouts: the first  subdivided in columns, that consents to show a miniature of the project – that can be opened in detail with a light box effect – and with a descriptive text, the second one allows the creation of different sliders (one for each category of the project) containing the thumbnails of the work, always viewable with the lightbox.

Figura 29- Portfolio a tre colonne con immagine e descrizione del progetto

Figure 29- A three column Portfolio with image and description of the project.

Figura 30 - Portfolio a sliders con miniature dei progetti inseriti

Figure 30 - Slider Portfolio with inserted miniatures of the projects

In both types of portfolio you can also include videos, which will be visualized in the lightbox window.

Figura 31 – Dettaglio dell’apertura di un video tramite un effetto lightbox

Figure 31 – Detail of the opening of a video through a lightbox effect

Like for many other sections of the theme, even the portfolio is entirely manageable with the Custom Post Type: the insertion of your projects couldn’t be easier than this.


Instead if you need to create a photo gallery where to place quickly and easily your photos, you can rely on another page created for the Premium version of the theme. Through another Custom Post Type you can in fact upload your photos and create a very appealing and versatile gallery page.

As in the portfolio case, in the gallery thumbnails will be visualized with your photos, that will be opened with an elegant light box effect at the click of the mouse.

Figura 32 – Layout della pagina gallery

Figure 32 – Layout of a page gallery

Shortcodes and custom widget

To facilitate the inclusion of certain elements such as sliders, buttons, widgets, tables and more, we included in the theme more than 70 shortcodes consultable in the homonymous page present in the live preview. This way even without knowing the code you can add further details to your pages, making them special.

Figura 34 – Dettaglio dello shortcode che permette di creare con poche righe di codice un nivo slider da inserire dove vuoi

Figure 34 – Detail of the shortcode that allows us to create with a few code lines a new slider to insert where you want

Moreover in the  premium version of Beauty other custom widgets are available, like a slider to show the last projects in the sidebar, a box where to include in a simple and nice way a Google Map and so on.

Support, Video tutorial & Import theme setting

The theme, as structured, is definitively simple to set and to customize,; in all cases, for those who have doubts or encounter difficulties in the configuration of the  premium version of  Beauty & Clean we have provided a forum in which we will manage  the requests of support.

Always on this forum, a series of video screencasts are available that will guide you step by step in the customization of the theme, from the basic settings (like the insertion of your own logo, creation of a new page, etc.) to the advanced ones (like creating a customized contact form, how to manage the sidebars and much more).

For those who want to re-create on their own site all the settings present in the demo and then personalize the pages in a simpler way and without having to start from scratch, the data of our live preview are available on the forum, importable by the simple click from you administration panel.

And then…

There is so much to say, but we exceeded the 2500 words (Oops!) so we stop here. For more information, to download the free version of the theme or to buy the premium version we redirect  you to the  site that we dedicated to our  Beauty & Clean.


We hope that you like this theme (we’re looking forward for your feedback, let us know what you think abut it!) and we invite you in case you find bugs, to open a new ticket in the  forum, so that you can give us the possibility to correct it.


  • Choose the theme or the plugin that most suits to your online business
  • Download and install it freely with few clicks
  • When you will be positive about your choice, enjoy the advanced features
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