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Satisfaction: the PH test for measuring your success as a webdesigner

Sometimes we web designers are selfish. We think we know it all – well, actually sometimes we do – but most times, we don’t.

I know when you look at my topic of discussion you think I’m talking about our satisfaction as web designers. No. I mean the Client’s satisfaction. What’s the point designing a website that only you like? What’s the point of being a service provider if customers don’t like your services? || Read more »

NO! – The secret to the great clients

NO! – The secret to the great clients

Recently I finished designing a website for a charity organization – for which I was paid a very unrealistic amount. After the design, a day later, the manager called me and the first thing she said was, "Zainab, I don’t...


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Zainab Sule has been working in the field of web design for four years and runs her own web design company, Pish On Designs in Nigeria. She also runs her own blog. You can follow her on twitter with @zainabSULE

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