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jQuery – How to Create a News Ticker with just a few JavaScript lines?

As you already know now, I love to reinvent the wheel ( jQuery always allows me that), and because of that, once more, we’ll see how to create something which already exists: a news ticker.

Usually the “news ticker” is a display of news which scroll horizontally, like those which can be seen in some newscasts in the lower part of the screen. Our news ticker will be slightly different given that the news won’t scroll horizontally but vertically instead, and in between the news there will be a pre-established pause (I think that this method gives prominence to every single news and at the same time it gives more time to the reader to read the article at hand, but obviously this is only my opinion). || Read more »

Do you want to use JSON but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to use JSON but don’t know where to start?

As time passes, and as 2.0 web applications become more popular, AJAX has become leader in the transfer of asynchronous data. Having said that, it has become evident that there's a need for a language which is versatile, easy to...


Fun with JavaScript: jQuery and Konami Code

Fun with JavaScript: jQuery and Konami Code

Today we're going to take a small leap back in time to the year 1985, when a Konami developer (Kazuhisa Hashimoto) created the first version of Gradius (a video game for the Nintendo console). During game trials, Kazuhisa realized that...


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