30+ sites of cakes, chocolats and desserts for a sweet web design

Since on Your Inspiration Web applies the theory that if one thing is very useful to us authors can probably also be good for our readers, let me share with you the “soft” considerations and give you some ‘inspiration.

Soon I will start working on the layout for a coffee shop and as it is an area where I have not had the opportunity to try, it seemed right to try a little information network. Graphical resource, trends, images, ideas.

I collected more than 30 sites (some quite attractive, others a bit less) representative of the beautiful world of sweet food and analyzing the features and strengths of their design. Here we go.


Obviously in these sites the color scheme is up to you to be achieved and the image we want to give the aesthetic point of view. Moreover, a versatile product such as chocolate can evoke smeared faces of children and happy, sensual women in the grip of gluttony or poses little greedy luxury that only elite can enjoy, and all this depending on how the product is presented.

Whatever the predominant color of sites that have to do with chocolate is, needless to say, the brown. The contrast also occurs with very bright colors or neutral tones like beige and cream.

Where - The brown tones and highlights the concept of chocolate

In some cases, when the chocolate is not best represented as a food but as a good end in itself, the choice is black, broken colored gold and silver: eulogy elegance.

Divine Chocolate choose gold details combined gray and black.

The chocolates Recchia, an elegant silver box.

I also found sites more playful, frivolous, almost childlike. pastel tones, pictures, icons: all to give the layout look carefree, because basically an ice cream or cake are also and above all this: leisure and pleasure.
In this case the client is of course another type of user, but not the most demanding and refined young and attracted to bright colors.


Among those gathered the more tempting and sites that really succeed are those that captivate the user puts the focus on their products culinary. Biscuits, muffins and chocolates in the foreground and highlighted graphically to entice and capture immediate attention.


There is no ‘fixed rule: many of these layouts have a modern design, others have a grunge aftertaste, and so on. But I found many who, for some reason, they display a certain air retro / vintage. Striped pattern, ornamental brushes, patterns, perhaps a little kitsch. The result is ‘a little’ unconventional but perhaps more feminine and less tempting.


Meet other sites of sweets? Add them in the comments. And tell me what’s your favorite sites and posted it … what makes you really hungry?

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